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Why bassa?

We borrowed the term bassa from the music world. It indicates that

notes are to be performed one octave lower than written; a deep sound.

In music, deep notes resonate and provide the foundation

for the rest of the chords to be built upon.

bassa Social Innovations goes deep to provide our clients foundational perspectives to enhance their performance 

How we work

The Right Team

An Appreciative Philosophy

Bridging Company and Community

The Right Team

Our team brings significant experience in government and not-for-profit sectors and includes a network of Associate Consultants who keep us innovating. Whether you are looking to develop a social enterprise strategy or a community plan, review a funding model or set a new strategic direction, bassa Social Innovations  will custom tailor a plan, and a team, to maximize the impact of your investment.

As consultants, we build trust and value. We help bring a fresh perspective that enhances your existing knowledge and provides processes that allow you to step back, examine what you've already accomplished, and take your initiative to the next level.

Our Appreciative Philosophy

We believe in the value of community service and know how vital the work is to individuals, families and the communities we live in. Our clients strive to make a difference, and so do we.


We operate from an appreciative philosophy; the belief that you've got it "mostly right" and want to take it to the next level.  

Bridging Companies and Communities

You know your business, and you know your place in the local community. bassa Social is here to help bridge the gap to the social sector. Our team will design a community investment strategy based on your company culture and community needs to ensure your business is supporting organizations that generate results. We believe that private sector innovation coupled with a well designed social responsibility investment portfolio can change our world. Let us go deep to build a visionary investment strategy that promotes the good work of your company in the local community.

Our Projects

Strategic Community Development

We help navigate the shared, and sometimes divergent, perspectives of government, corporate, nonprofit and community organizations to unravel social complexity, and explore collaborative and sustainable social change. Our team has been involved in numerous community development efforts requiring significant organizational engagement and expertise. See a sample of our work: