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Associate Consultants

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It's hard to overstate the value of a versatile, experienced team. bassa Social brings a network of associate professionals with expertise in every aspect of community development. We compose a nimble team to suit any project, big or small. Discover our experience:

Who We Are

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Scott Cameron, President/CEO

Scott Cameron has over 30 years experience working in government and non-profit organizations, and is driven by a passion to ensure that human service delivery results in quality supports designed to change the lives of individuals and families.  Motivated by a desire to align business and government investments with strategies that produce positive outcomes, Scott believes that early prevention has an important role in social innovation – a well-balanced investment portfolio needs both prevention and early intervention strategies.  Scott has a Master’s degree from Royal Roads University with a specialization in Sustainable Community Development.

Brendon Nielson, Vice-President

Brendon has a PhD in convictional strategies. The study of central human convictions and how those relate to the lives people live as individuals and community. His interests lie in helping individuals and groups of people experience life with greater depth. Pairing current research with some of the wisdom tradition provides innovative yet proven approaches to think and act in an increasingly complex world. Through these approaches and cultivating uncommon partnerships, social sustainability can be achieved in ways that are aligned with organizational and community goals.